Project Description

On tour all over France from January to June 2016

One Man Show – France

Show Length: 1hr30 without intermission

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

On tour all over France from January to June 2016

For seven years, over one million spectators have applauded him in every venue in France, Belgium, and in Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Lebanon, Mauritius or Reunion… Not only have they never tired of him, but they’ve since been asking for a follow up, in order to find out even more about ways to improve communication between men and women…

This time, there is no professor’s lab coat or any blackboard, but instead a gardener’s apron, because a couple is like a garden in that as soon as you stop tending it, it goes fallow after six months and everything has to be started over again…

In the very funny and always pertinent tone we recognise him for, Paul delves into our daily lives once again, deepens his analysis of previously investigated themes, and scrutinises new ones, including stress management and the difficulties linked to the way we to ask for things.

The “Mars and Venus” performances are an experience in themselves, which sometimes prompt an “Aha moment”! Some audience members have confided in Paul Dewandre that they have become closer to their partner thanks to him; others have adopted the key words (the wave, the grotto, the sand, the fish, even the quickie…) in their day-to-day vocabulary; and therapists ask patients to view the DVD, using it as a tool when communication is at a standstill… The ultimate? Even priests have used it to help their parishioners prepare for marriage!

Mars and Venus 2 is both a funny and a pertinent show, and you will come out fully ready to believe in love even if you have not yet come across it…

In 2006, when we launched the first Mars and Venus, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. No one had ever done a show like this before, i.e. between a scholastic class and a comedy. It was a test run, which sprang from the idea of sharing information I had always found useful, in a funny and entertaining way. The unbelievable adventure of staging the first show and the fabulous reception of our audiences confirmed that the idea had not been so far-fetched at all. Staging a second show was therefore self-evident. Many spectators were asking me for another one and, for my part, I had identified many more interesting notions worth sharing in order to learn to live more happily as a couple. Etienne de Balasy contributed his own sensitivity and brand new outlook to this project. We quickly agreed on how we perceived this new show, without a lab coat or pointer this time, while retaining the funny stories, anecdotes, and personal experiences. We also assumed that the public already understood the concept behind the show and that we could explore the introspection aspect a little more thoroughly. Above all, we kept in mind that the aim is to spend a very pleasant evening. This is to ensure that people coming out after say: “This show was even better than the first one! ”
Staging “Mars and Venus 3, the Ongoing Adventure” is quite a challenge indeed! The first edition was such a success that collaborating on the second opus is certainly wonderful, although somewhat foolhardy as well! That said, the only thing to do is to go right ahead without thinking about it, roll up one’s sleeves, and do everything needed to provide the best showcase possible for this new adventure Paul Dewandre and his audiences are embarking on. In the first edition, Paul portrayed a professor. Today, Paul just plays himself. He welcomes us into a peaceful garden, to share and exchange insights with us in a nice relaxed setting. I wanted a pleasant, simple set that suggests the end of a fine summer’s day. Jean Michel Adam did a wonderful job creating this idea. I wanted to give the impression of fullness and of calm. I find Paul Dewandre has a very fraternal side: the kind of brotherliness of those who share their experiences without any pretention and, above all, without making any judgements. This is for a sole and unique purpose: it is sometimes simpler than we think to hold on to the happiness at hand rather than letting it slip through our fingers.

14/01/17DIVONNE LES BAINS ( 01 )Espace C.Aznavour
06/04/17CHÂTEAUNEUF SUR ISÈRE ( 26 )Palais des Congrès
13/04/17TOULOUSE ( 31 )Casino
19/04/17METZ ( 57 )Arsenal
20/04/17LIEGE ( BELGIQUE )Forum
21/04/17LOUVAIN ( BELGIQUE )Aula Magna
22/04/17LILLE ( 59 )Sébastopol
25/04/17LE HAVRE ( 76 )
26/04/17ORLEANS ( 45 )
28/04/17ROYE ( 80 )Théâtre Municipal
29/04/17FORGES LES EAUX ( 76 )Espace de Forges
03/05/17NANTES ( 44 )Cité des Congrès
04/05/17RENNES ( 35 )Liberté
05/05/17LES HERBIERS ( 85 )
10/05/17CHARLEVILLE ( 08 )Théâtre
11/05/17LUDRES ( 54 )Esp. Chaudeau
12/05/17SAINT AVOLD ( 57 )Centre Culturel
18/05/17BORDEAUX ( 33 )Fémina
19/05/17SAINT-MAURICE ( SUISSE )Théâtre du Martolet
20/05/17NEUCHÂTEL ( SUISSE )Théâtre du Passage
21/05/17FRIBOURG ( SUISSE )Théâtre Équilibre
23/05/17LAUSANNE ( SUISSE )Beaulieu
24/05/17GENÈVE ( SUISSE )Léman

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