Project Description

This show is not on tour

One thing is for sure: men and women live on two different planets. Everyone has already confronted, and been irritated, by the incomprehensible behaviour of the opposite sex. The reasons? We tend to think that the opposite sex is just the same as we are, forgetting that they are fundamentally different.

For instance, men think sequentially. Does a man who wants to cook some pasta stand in front of the pot until the water boils without doing anything else?  Will a woman, more of a multi-tasker, does ten things at once at the risk of letting the water evaporate?

Do women need to hear “I love you” regularly? Do men, for their part, wonder why this is so, in view of the fact they already told you five years ago and are still by your side?

This is where Paul DEWANDRE intervenes with his hilarious and educational theatrical adaptation of John Gray’s best-seller “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”.

« La force de Paul Dewandre, c’est d’enfoncer les portes ouvertes avec un humour imparable. »LE PARISIEN

« …Dès les premières minutes, Paul Dewandre Captive. Il croque avec humour et perspicacité nos différences pour nous apprendre à mieux vivre à deux. »LE SOIR – BRUXELLES

« Dans la salle, on s’esclaffe, on glousse […] on offre un tour d’horizon actuel et éloquent des relations de couple modernes. » LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL – CANADA

« Le comédien trouve le ton parfait pour expliquer entre théorie et pratique les raisons d’une incompréhension légendaire » FIGARO MAG – FRANCE

« On en sort avec la volonté de vivre en harmonie avec sa ou son partenaire. A ne pas manquer ! » ELLE à Paris – France